Fifteen years in a Rock band teaches you lot of things – some great and some best not to talk about. We are the Delphian from Oakland, California and welcome to our official website TheeRawDeluxe.com

Raw Deluxe

This is no publicity page for us. It is a place for any aspiring rock artist, band or artist in general where they can get to experience all that is yet to come without having to dip your foot in the pond. Remember, not all of it is great. There are situations and pitfalls that many are unable to deal with. What you were before you hit the road is soon forgotten and a new identity emerges – one of a collective group and not of any single individual. So, are you ready to lose your personal identity in favor of creating a bigger group persona? If not, better hop of the bandwagon right now.

We no longer tour and do shows, that age has passed for us and while it lasted it was pretty fun. However, we occasionally get together to play at the local festivities and pubs. Come down and catch us if you are ever in Oakland.

We also do sponsored corporate events and have played for many corporate businesses through the years. A prime example would be OneSureInsurance.co.uk, a leading under 25 motor trade insurance broker in the UK. We covered their annual yearly sales member of the year event; and they all thoroughly loved it!